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— Specimen Transport

Riders set up and run a vibrant Specimen Transport project using 74 motorcycles, 60 couriers and 5 technicians and other support staff and managers across the 15 counties of Liberia. This project supports Liberia rapid diagnostic and improving surveillance system as part of the health system strengthening strategy plan for the Health Ministry.

Riders for Health Liberia’s sample transport (ST) system ensures that specimens collected from patients are regularly and timely picked-up and transported in a professional, consistent, safe, and controlled manner to laboratories. 


The Fleet Management project (FM) work under a tripartite arrangement which includes MoH, GSA (Representing the government of Liberia) and Riders for Health. The tripartite has been a successful oversight for the Riders for Health fleet management project for more than a year and has helped in all times of need. Staff seconded from the MoH and GSA form the bulk of Riders for Health Liberia.

As from July 2015 Riders started to setup the national fleet management project for the Ministry of Health this included building physical infrastructure and equipment to manage 534 vehicles (281 motor vehicles to include ambulances and 183 motorcycles.