Riders for Health Liberia

How We Work

Our vision is a world in which health care reaches everyone, everywhere. It doesn’t seem too much to ask, given the quality of the vehicles at our disposal.

Given the background, scope and scale which Riders for Health Liberia has, it is managed by a Program Steering Group (PSG) which consists both International and senior local staff. Our guiding principles are: an inclusive approach, a collaborative approach, an enterprising approach and the use of practical, appropriate, cost-effective solutions. We are innovative but no longer experimental. Our systems work, all the time. But they are complex, expert systems.

Riders Liberia programme employs 404 men and women, from apprentices to highly experienced programme managers.

1. First Riders program set-up to respond to a Global Emergency, though now moving towards systems strengthening, a look out is there for any eventuality

2. Due to the nature of emergency, the program was put to scale faster than any Riders Country program within two months the first samples were being collected. The faster set-up means it is a new innovation, to achieve that it had to rely heavily on the experience of international staff who had been involved in set-up of Riders system for many years.

3. Its financial and operations delivery has been measured on international standards from the onset because of the nature of its partners

4. Liberia had 15 years of war in recent times that affected the infrastructure, systems and control systems. To succeed Riders Liberia is engaging on an ongoing hand on capacity building through mentorship, developing relevant systems and processes suitable for the work at hand as required by the stakeholders. Capacity development is done by resident and remote Riders international team.