Cherno Jallow

Programme Director The Gambia


Cherno Jallow, commonly known as Che, is the Programme Director, Riders for Health The Gambia. Che has been working for Riders for Health in The Gambia since June 2002. During this period Che has worked with the Country Director and helped in setting up the Riders programme in The Gambia.

Prior to joining Riders, Che has worked for the Ministry of Health for over 2 decades, starting as a District Health Inspector at the health centre level, rising to head one of the six Divisional Health Teams before ending up at the central level as Acting Director of Planning and Information, responsible for national public health planning, budgeting and policy. As a junior officer Che has been issued a motorcycle and in his senior years has had a vehicle for his work. As a member of the health centre team and later of the regional and divisional health teams, Che has had to deal with the challenges of lack of, or poorly maintained transport, including lack of fuel, breakdowns and accident. He understands the importance of transport in the delivery of health services. This knowledge and experience has made Che an important member of Riders for Health. Che has attended many international meetings on behalf of Riders for Health. In 2015 Che was part of the Riders Replication Team charged with setting up a Riders for Health country programme in Liberia..

Che holds a master’s degree in Public Health and has attended several international short courses in planning and management, project proposal development, data management and analysis, management of immunization and childhood disease programmes, and HIV and AIDS mainstreaming.