Riders for Health


Riders grew out of a humanitarian impulse from within the worldwide motorcycle community – as our name suggests! The first Riders system was in place in Lesotho in 1991 by then mainly following the charity model, followed by social entrepreneur approach to national scale operations in Zimbabwe (1993, where systems were developed which are integral in replications which followed thereafter) and Nigeria (1999).

The Gambia (2002), Kenya (first 2003 and then 2007), return to Lesotho 2008, Malawi (2011) and, most recently, Liberia (2015) were added in turn. Riders Liberia has been supported by many expert funding bodies including USAID/ODA, World Health Organisation, World Bank, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CDC Foundation and many more. Without this support, the success achieved thus far would not have been possible.

Riders for Health Liberia was set up as from February 2015 in response to the Ebola Outbreak by senior Riders replication experts from Africa who have been involved in replicating most of the current Riders Africa programs. Riders Fleet management project in Liberia started in earnest in July 2015. Sample Transport project started earlier in March 2015, with the first samples collected in April 2015.

The Replication expects (international managers) together with senior local management now form a Program Steering Committee (PSG) consisting of senior local and International managers.