Consultancy services for the planning and setup of transport-related projects or programmes
Riders offers consultancy services for the design/planning and setup of transport-related projects or programmes, based on our service offerings, in countries where we currently work, as well as in areas where we do not have any infrastructure. These service offerings are all components of our ongoing services and logistics systems.

A) Fleet And Logistics Planning And Budgeting

We can support partners with budgeting for transport, using tailored costing tools, to plan expenditure over projects or vehicle life-times. Transport is an expensive component in any logistical system, but running different scenarios allows us to design plans that deliver maximum value at given budgets. We can also help suggest appropriate vehicles and plan routes to maximise efficiencies. Our costing tools help partners think about future replacement of the fleet and can offer options to pay for replacement of vehicles over time. In certain circumstances, we are able to offer vehicle leasing.

B) Fleet Assessments

Riders’ technical team has expertise in fleet assessment (desk-based and physical) which determines the condition of vehicles. This helps with refurbishments and fleet disposal recommendations. We can recommend the composition of the fleet to align with use, terrain and climatic factors.

C) Procurement Of Vehicles, Protective Clothing And Equipment

Our centralised procurement department has spent many years establishing strong, trusted supplier relationships to ensure competitive prices, often below local rates, for new four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. We can also facilitate dispatch of genuine, approved parts. For motorcycle riders, we can procure the best protective clothing to ensure the safety of the riders– helmet, jacket and trousers, kidney belt, riding boots and gloves.
We have also designed specialised equipment for transporting patient specimens, a backpack for holding blood samples or other bio hazardous materials. We can procure these specialised backpacks, as well as top-boxes, for the back of a motorcycle to increase carrying capacity.

D) Driver And Rider Training

Drivers and riders control expensive and potentially dangerous equipment, so training is critical to minimise accidents. Riders offer training courses in vehicle control skills and defensive driving/riding techniques, which enhance road safety awareness, increases knowledge and enhances driver/rider motivation. We also provide training in daily maintenance checks, which help minimise accidents by empowering the driver/rider with knowledge on keeping their vehicle road worthy and can also keep vehicles running for longer. In addition, our International Academy of Vehicle Management (IAVM) in Zimbabwe and Kenya include basic fleet management training – offered onsite or on an outreach basis in other countries.

E) Review And Update Of Vehicle Management Policies

Utilising over 30 years’ experience in running fleets in Africa we also have expertise in reviewing and updating fleet management policies so that they can be modelled in the effective maintenance system as done by Riders for Health Liberia. We have in 2016 reviewed the vehicle management policy for the MoH of Liberia and in 2018 on behalf of Abt Inc. we reviewed and updated the vehicle management policy for the Zambia Ministry of Health

F) Results For You

Riders produce results for partners like you.
  • Maximised vehicle longevity
  • Predictable vehicle downtime due to preventive maintenance and outreach maintenance
  • Reliable supply chain of high-quality replacement parts
  • Safer, vehicle-friendly and reliable riders and drivers, which can lead to reduced accidents
  • Long-term cost savings through more efficient operations
  • Increased time of administrators focused on the health care programme due to outsourcing of vehicle management to a reliable partner
  • Predictable budgeting and no unexpected repair costs
  • Regular reporting on vehicle usage